Here are some of the most common questions we are asked.

If you can’t find your answers here please let us know.

How much do your puppies cost?

All of our Australian Labradoodle puppies purchased as companion pets are 3000.00.

How much is the deposit?

A 500.00 deposit is required to reserve a puppy once your application has been approved.

What is included in the price.

  • 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee:   Note:  see contract for limitations
  • Veterinarian examination
  • Age appropriate inoculations and health records
  • Microchip with registration form
  • 30 day trial pet insurance from Trupanion which must be activated within 24 hours of adopting your pet.
  • Resources of everything you need to know about getting ready for your puppy (available on this website).
  • Puppy certificate for registration from the Australian Labradoodle Association of America
  • A puppy that is raised from day 1 in an enriched, controlled environment by experienced care givers who’s primary focus is the physically, social and emotional well being and development of your puppy.  We do everything we can to assure a well adjusted, healthy, happy puppy.  The rest is up to you.
  • A lifetime of support

Is your deposit refundable?

That depends.

If something goes wrong on our end and we can’t provide you with a puppy during the expected time period, then yes. If you have been on our wait list for a current litter and change you mind for some reason, then no. We turn away many potential customers once deposits are made and the litter is fully sold. When buyers change their mind, we have to reopen the litter and start advertising once again. In those cases, deposits are not refunded.

How does the adoption process work?

First we ask that you fill out the application on this website.

Once the application is received and approved, we will ask you to sign a copy of our sterilization requirements, which you can either email back to us or print out and return to us with your 500.00  deposit check.

When the puppies are 6 - 7 weeks old, we start the allocation phase.  We go in order of when deposits were received so the earlier you get your deposit in, the more choices you have.  Once the pups are born, you will need to decide the gender you prefer, since many families have specifid request and we want to make sure we can accomodate everyone's wishes.  
We do allow home visits during the allocation phase.  We ask that you take off your shoes, or clean your shoes with Clorox that we provide at our door.  We also ask that you use hand sanitizer before entering our home.  We do this to protect all the puppies who are still very young and vulnerable.   If you are unable to visit when it is your turn to choose your puppy, we provide facetime or google handout video conferences.

Once the picks have been done, the balance is due.  We keep the puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old and have had age appropriate vaccinations.

What are the health problems found in Australian Labradoodles?

Because they have long, floppy ears, some labrdoodles have a tendency towards ear infections.

Keeping the hairs inside the ears plucked or clipped and regular deep cleaning will help prevent ear infections from developing. Hip Dysplasia is a problem that occurs in labs and in poodles. All our breeding dogs have been health screened for HD and elbow disorders. We do everything we can to assure our pups do not develop these problems but environmental factors such as improper exercise and diet can increase the chances of dogs developing HD. We advise our puppy families to be careful with diet and over exercising especially as their puppy is growing.

Do you have any references?

We have a large extended Southern Cross family.

Many of our families have bought their second doodle from us. Upon request they will be happy to tell you about their dogs and their experiences with Southern Cross. Please email us if you would like a list of references and visit our scrapbook page to see some of our doodle families.

Are your dogs really allergy friendly?

Many people who have never been able to tolerate dogs, due to allergies, do fine with our dogs. There have been a few people with severe allergies who have had mild reactions after visiting. Because our dogs are nonshedding and they do not have dander, they can be a blessing to families with allergy sufferers. If you are allergic we encourage you to come for a visit.

Do they need a lot of exercise?

We live in a neighborhood and have an average size yard.

We take our dogs for a 30 minute walk every morning and evening. Most of our dogs don’t need much more than that. Puppy training during the first year is very important. This training will set the stage for the rest of your dogs life and is invaluable. (see socialization) Behavior problems are often a sign of a bored dog. Training is the key to keeping your dog’s mind stimulated and balanced.

Do they require a lot of grooming?

Australian Labradoodles do require regular grooming.

We bathe and thoroughly brush our dogs once a month. During the first year and a half more regular brushing will be necessary. Since they do not shed, broken and dead hair will become matted. It is important to strip this hair away with regular brushing, especially as they transition between their puppy and adult coats. We take our dogs to the groomer three or four times a year to have their coat’s trimmed. A shorter coat is easier to maintain but if you like a longer coat, and you are willing to put in the extra time it takes to keep them mat free, you can limit trimming to once or twice a year.

Are your dogs good with children?

YES, Australian Labradoodles are typically great with children, but young children should always be supervised around animals, especially baby animals.

If you have young children, we will work with you to make sure your puppy and children can coexist and thrive. Our dogs are completely nonagressive and make excellent children’s pets.

Where are you located?

We are located in Covington, Louisiana which is 30 miles north of New Orleans.

Do you ship?

We do not ship.

We fall under the category of "Hobby Breeder" according to the USDA.  In keeping with their rules and regulations, we must meet our families face to face, therefore we can not ship.  We encourage our families that are too far away to drive to us to fly into New Orleans and bring your new puppy back home in the cabin.  We will meet you at the airport if necessary.
If you can not fly, it may be possible for one of us to fly the puppy to you.  This service, if available, will require a fee ranging from 500.00 - 1000.00 depending on the distance and connections needed to be made.  

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