Here are some of our dogs from past litters and the families that love them.  Click on the images to see larger version.
Mojoux- Parents Paisley and Rousseau
Tess and Ellie
Demi - Parents Ginger and Tucker
Leroy - Parents Stella and Gibson
Brady,parents Goldie and Rousseau
Cooper parents Sydney and Rew
Ella parent Lola and Chicory
Marco parents Lagniappe and Kritta
Ginger parents Pheobe and Breaux
Otis and Piper out of Emma and Stella
Scout - Parents Ginger and Tucker
Cooper - Paisley and Rousseau
Mia - Parents Pheobe and Breaux
Pete - Parents Ivy and Rousseau
Darwin and Addie from Goldie and Nola
Cooper - Stella and Blue
Julep - Parents Jazz and Tasso
Duck and Corolla - Parents Honey and Tasso
Demi - parents Ginger and Tucker
Max - Parents Lulu and Romo
Charlie - parents Lola and Rew
Artie - Coalette and Rousseau

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