Southern Cross Hall of Fame

Dedicated to our retired breeding dogs that have contributed greatly to our bloodlines

Tegan Park Ariel

It all started with her.

Our beloved Ariel was our first Australian Labradoodle.  We traveled to Australia and hand picked her to be our foundation breeding stock.  She was the perfect medium size with an amazing thick fleece coat.  Ariel continued to live with us after she retired from breeding.  We said goodbye to her just weeks before her 14th birthday.

Southern Cross Rosie

When we purchased Ariel in Australia she was shipped to us pregnant and Rosie came from that very first litter whelped at Southern Cross.  She was so much like her mother, Ariel.

Southern Cross Belle

Belle also came from our very first litter.  Rosie took after her mom and Belle favored her father, Tegan Park Irish Night.  She brought the silver into our lines that we love so much.  Belle still lives with us.

Tegan Park Critic

We needed to find a suitable boy who we could breed to Ariel, Rosie and Belle.  So, we imported “Kritta” as our first stud dog.  I still see him in the eyes of his granddaughters and great-granddaughters.    Kritta lives in Tyler Texas with his guardian family.

Southern Cross Lagniappe

“Lola” came from our second litter. Her mother is Ariel and her father is Kritta. She is the mother of Stella and Maxie, who are still breeding today. She is 13 years old and is still living with us.

Southern Cross Caviar

Caviar came from Belle’s first litter with Kritta.  She has helped carry the silver line for us and she brought the miniature size into our lines.

Southern Cross Sydney

Sydney also came from a pairing of Belle and Kritta.  She lives with her dad in Tyler, Texas.

Southern Cross Caviar's Beluga

“Lulu’s” mother is Caviar.  She is a beautiful silver and we hope to keep that color in our lines through her son Tasso and her daughter Sister.  She is living with her forever family in Mandeville, LA.

Southern Cross Sparkling Midnight

Sparkles mother is Sydney and her father is Brendan.  She is the mother of Goldie.  She lives with a guardian family.

Tegan’s Southern Chicory

Chicory was the last dog we imported from Australia.  His grandson is Tasso and granddaughter is Sister.  Chicory is living with his guardian in Mississippi.

Southern Cross Stella

Stella is the daughter of Lagniappe and Rew.  She retired in 2015 and is living with her guardian family.

Southern Cross M & M

Emma is a beautiful chocolate standard.  She is the mother of Arabella and Nola Deux.   She also has offspring at Tampa Bay Labradoodles and Sunrise Labradoodles in Florida and Coulee Labradoodles in Alberta Canada.  

Southern Cross Maxie

This sweet girl produced some wonderful puppies for us.  She is the daughter of Lagniappe and her daughter Pheobe is currently in our breeding program.  She lives with her forever family in Ocean Springs, MS.

Southern Cross Blue Bayou

Blue is Rosie’s son and is enjoying the good life of retirement in Mandeville, LA.

Southern Cross Goldie

Goldie is enjoying the good life of retirement with her guardian family in Mandeville, LA.

Southern Cross Nola Deux

No dog in our history has influenced our lines as much as Nola Deux.  She has produced more puppies for us than any other female.  She is the mother of Jazz, Maggy, Adelaine and our up and coming girl, Coco.  She also produced a son who stands at stud at Barksdale Labradoodles.  Nola is living a well earned retirement with her guardian and our assistant Erin.

Southern Cross Pheobe

Pheobe holds a special spot in our hearts.  She has given us Ginger and Clara.  We have grown to love her guardian family who have touched our lives in so many ways.   These dogs are truely a gift.

Landmark's Mel Gibson

Black Australian Labradoodles

Gibson is the father of our M & M (Emma) who went of to produce our most successful line.  He is also the father of Paisley.  He was owned by Lone Star Labradoodles

Southern Cross Soul Sister

Sister continued our mini lines and is the mother of our girl Rayne.  She is living a happy retirment walking daily along the Lake Pontachatrain shoreline.

Sunrise Ivory's Herroine

Ivy came to us from another breeder, but Ariel is in her ancestory and she is so much like her.  We have some of her progendy that will be joining our program in 2020.  Ivy lives with us and we love her so.

Southern Cross Magnolia

Maggy is the daughter of Nola Deux and carried our chocolate lines forward.  Her line continues with our girl Maggy May.  This is the best line we have produced and we look forward to continuing it.

Southern Cross Adelaide

Addie is also the daughter of Nola Deux and we have two of her daughter to carry this line forward. 

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