Future Litters

Cookie and Rocky

Parents: Cookie and Rocky
Cookie and Rocky have honeymooned and if all goes well, we will have pups in early February.  These pups will be chocolate and white parti or apricot and white parti or some more solid with white markings.   They will be in the 35 lb range at maturity.  Bookings for this litter are closed.  We may open it up once the pups are born if we have more than expected.

Addie and Rocky

Parents: Addie and Rocky
Addie are paired with Rocky for her final litter.  Addie's father is a chocolate and white parti so she carries the parti gene.  I am expect chocolate and apricot parti or those colors with white markings.  Addie has been bred and pups are due in early March.  These pups will be in the 35-40 lb range.  Bookings for this litter are closed.  If she has more than expected, I will open it up once they are born.

Lovey and Bandit

Parents: Lovey and Bandit
This will be the first litter for both of these two.  Lovey does not carry parti so I am expecting chocolate pups with white markings.  She should cycle in Feb. with pups coming in April/May.  They should be in the 40 lb range at maturity.  Bookings for this litter are closed.  We may have additional spot available after they are born.

Fall Litters

We will have more litters in the fall.  We will update our website in late spring to let you know what's coming up, once we have tested some new girls and planned some pairings.  Stay tuned.

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