Future Litters

Ivy and Tebow

Parents: Ivy and Tebow
Ivy and Tebow are expecting chocolate standards in June.  Pregnancy is confirmed and we will open this litter for limited reservations.

Paisley and Tebow

Parents: Paisley and Finn
Paisley and Tebow will produce standard puppies that will be chocolate and black. They will be bred mid April and we are expecting pups in mid June and ready to go home in mid/late August.  We are taking reservations for this litter.

Addie and Rob Roy

Parents: Addie and Rob Roy
We are expecting Addie to cycle in May and we hope to breed her to Rob Roy of Barksdale's Labradoodles.  Addie's father is our Finn so she carries for parti.  Bred to Rob Roy she should produce some partis and some pups that are chocolate with white markings.  These pups will be medium size.  We are taking limited reservations for this litter.

Maggy and Chester

Parents: Maggy and Chester
Maggy will have her second litter this summer.  We are hoping to use our new stud boy Chester.  They will produce large medium to standard pups in a variety of colors.

Planning for the Fall

We will be breeding Ginger for her final litter sometime in August and we will have medium size gold pups in the fall.
We plan to breed Rayne around August too but have not decided on her mate.
We may have some new girls join our program if all their health testing is good so check back if you are interested in a Fall/Winter puppy.

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