Future Litters

Maggy and Rob Roy

Maggy should cycle in January and we are pairing her with Rob Roy from Barksdale Labradoodles.  We loved the puppies Rob Roy had with Maggy's sister Addie, so we are hoping for the same beautiful chocolate and white and apricot and white parti pups.  There may also be some pups that are more solid with white markings - we just have to wait and see!!  These pups will be large medium in size.  We are taking reservations for this litter.  Thank you Al for letting us use Rob Roy again.

Clara and Chester

This will be Clara's second litter. She comes from such a great line of therapy/support dogs and Chester's pups always have amazing temperaments.  We are expect her to cycle in Feb or March.  These pups will be medium to large medium in size. We are taking reservations for this litter.

Sugar and Boudin

Sugar and Boudin will honeymoon for her final litter, spring of 2020.  Her pups are always a big hit.  They will be medium size

Jazz and Rousseau

Jazz and Rousseau will pair up a second time for her last litter this spring.  Their litter from 2018 was stunning.  They will be in the gold to red color with nice fleece coats.  They will be large medium to small standards in size.  We are taking reservations for this litter.

Addie and Harley

Addie and Harley should honeymoon in May which means pups will be going home in September.  They should be chocolate with some white markings and will be large medium in size.  This is Addie's second litter.

Pippa and Tucker

Parents: Pippa and Harley
We are very excited about Pippa's first litter in the fall of 2020.  She will have pups in the gold-red range that will be large mediums to small standards in size.

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