Future Litters

Doodle and Rocketman

Doodle is due to cycle soon.  These pups will be in the apricot to red range and will be in the 30 lb range. Bookings for this litter are closed.  We may reopen once they are born so let us know if you want to be on a waitlist.

Margeaux and Max

Margeaux and Max will pair up for their second litter.  We were very impressed with the pups these two produced last year.  They will be chocolate (which could fade to cafe) and will be in the 35-40 lb range at maturity.  We are expecting Margeaux to cycle in October.

Lovey and Bandit

We had hoped to breed this pair in the spring but the timing did not work our for our trip.  We will breed Lovey this winter.  We are expecting medium size chocolate pups.

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