Future Litters

Addie and Max

Parents: Addie and Max A Million
Addie will honeymoon with Max this spring.  Pups expected in mid Summer.  These pups will be chocolate and will be in the 40-50 lb range at maturity.  Reservations for Addie's litter are closed.  

Or Addie and Harley

Parents: Addie and Harley
Or we may breed Addie to Harley if Covid 19 allows us to get him from Texas.  Pups will still be chocolate and in the 40 - 50 lb range.

Primrose and Rocketman

Parents: Primrose and Rocketman
Primrose and Rocketman are both starting their breeding career here at Southern Cross the summer of 2020.  These pups are expected to be no larger than 30 lbs.  We will only take a few reservations for this litter.

Margeaux and Max

Parents: Margeaux and Max A Million
This will be the first litter for both Margeaux and Max and I can't wait to see their pups.  All the pups will be chocolate but some may morphy to cafe or even lavender like Margeaux.  The will be medium size, with some smaller like Margeaux and some bigger like Max.  Margeaux should cycle in August so pups will be born in Oct and go home in Dec. (all dates subject to mother nature of course)  They should all have great fleece coats.  We are taking reservations for this litter.

Pippa and Tucker

Parents: Pippa and Tucker
We are very excited about Pippa's first litter in the fall of 2020.  She will have pups in the gold-red range that will be large mediums to small standards in size.  We are taking reservations for Pippa's litter.

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