Future Litters

Clara's O'Doodle and Rocketman

Parents: Doodle and Rocky
Doodle and Rocky will pair up for their second litter towards the end of 2022. Pups will be born mid Feb.  Their first litter was fabulous and we can't wait to have more of these cuties.  I have included some pictures from their first litter.  They will be large mini or small medium in size (25-30 lbs) and the colors of their first litter.  We are taking reservations.

Rocky and Doodles previous pups

Pippa and Rocketman

Parents: Pippa and Rocky
Pippy and Rocky will team together for her 3rd and final litter.  Her last litters have been wonderful and those families often say "This is the best dog EVER".  We are using Rocky to bring her size down a big.  Pups should be in the 40 lb range (give or take a few pounds) and will be in the apricot color range.
Pippa should cycle in late winter and pups will be ready to go home in late spring.  We are taking reservations for this litter.

Ginger Rose and Max A Million

Parents: Ginger Rose and Rocky
Ginger Rose and Max will team up for the second time this spring.  They will have pups in a rainbow of colors, black, chocolate and apricot/red.   They should be around 45 lbs at maturity.  Ginger Rose is due to cycle in May so pups will be ready to go home in late summer/early fall  We are taking reservation for this litter.

Ginger Rose and Max's previous pups

Here are some photos of Max and Ginger Rose's previous litter.

Margeaux and Bandit

Margeaux and Bandit will team up for her last litter.  Margeux's father is a chocolate and white parti like Bandit so she can produce parti's but may also produce chocolates with white markings or lighter colors.  These pups will be around 35-45 lbs at maturity.  Margeaux should cycle in early summer and pups going home in early fall.

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