Getting Ready for puppy

Your puppy has been born and now you have to wait 8 weeks to bring him home.  The waiting is excruciating but there are lots of things you need to do to get ready for your puppy.

Raising a Puppy

Raising a Puppy

Check out our recommend reading page and start reading all you can about raising a puppy.

Take a good look around your home to see the potential hazards to an inquisitive puppy.

Consider toxins such as household plants and cleaning supplies and make sure you are keeping them out of reach. Will you need to use baby gates to block off access to stairs to prevent falls and to limit access to rooms that are not “puppy safe”?   Will you need to screen off the fireplace?  If you have young children, are the small toys within reach of puppy that could cause harm if swallowed?

*Don’t wait until the last minute to start collecting the things you need for puppy.

Southern Cross Labradoodles

Pre-puppy preparations fall into categories:

Some things to consider

Throw A Puppy Shower

Throw A Puppy Shower

If you have young children, a great way to have some fun and collect the things you need is to throw a puppy shower.