The Perfect Doodle Head

The Perfect Doodle Head

Comb and brush your puppy often and your groomer will be forever grateful.  Too often owners do not spend the time necessary to get their puppy use to having their coat pulled and tugged on only to end up having an adult dog that hates sitting for grooming sessions.   This website will give you more tips for getting your puppy ready for the groomer.

Use the time to bond with your pet and make it a source of pleasure by offering treats and lots of phrase.  We make a HUGE deal when our dogs return from the groomer and they know they are beautiful.  They hold their tails and heads a little higher when they walk in the house with their new do.

Once they are use to being groomed the frequency of your dog’s grooming schedule will depend on the length of his coat.  Wool coats are easier to  maintain if they are kept short, no more than two inches.  If your dog has a fleece coat, we like to keep the head trimmed like the picture below.

Nail Trimming

Just like grooming their coat, begin trimming your puppy’s nails at a young age so they will be use to having their feet handled.  We trim all of our puppy’s nails before they leave us but it’s a good idea to trim their nails at least once a month.

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