Puppy Routine at 8 weeks



Your puppy’s day begins around 6 am. When we get up they can hear us moving around so we go straight to the puppy room and let them outside to avoid any accidents in the crates.  We stay outside with them until everyone has had a bowel movement.  We usually feed them outside too because they will probably have another bowel movement before too much longer.
After about 1/2 hour of outside time, the pups come inside.  We usually let them outside every couple of hours during the day (we have a litter box in their room for them to use if they need to go before it’s outside time).   Lunch is at noon.
Afternoon & Evening

Afternoon & Evening

In the late afternoon, we spend a lot of time outside.  This is when the neighborhood children like to come over for puppy play time.  

Dinner is a 5:30. During the evening, when we are watching TV, we take turns bringing the pups out of the puppy room for a little one on one time.  Everyone gets a chance to be held and cuddled with.  We pick up the puppy’s water around 8 pm.

We take the pups out at night around 9:00. We let them run around for about 15 minutes then put them in their crate for the night. We always give them treats when they go in their crate

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